Friday Link Pack

Friday Link Pack

Artist Serene Teh created a brilliant page-flipping live animation of Assassin’s Creed with ink on paper

A short history of global living conditions

– I want this Courage pin!

This post makes me want to buy a pool noodle!

We Don’t Meet Anyone by Accident

– I work with wonderful humans: Guggenheim Friday Lego Winedown

– These are helpful not just in a sales environment: 23 Email Sales Lines to Spur Action.

– What the what? Pollock chocolate bar?

– This made me smile: The three cleaning graces

This cat bed!

11 ways that I, a white man, am not privileged, by Matt Caron

An inflatable tent.

– These amphibious adventure sneakers are made from Algae

A planter with a face on it!

– This cactus car charger is cute.

– I love love love classic Turkish towels.

– I can’t handle the cuteness of this ‘walk-bike‘ for little ones.

– I just dealt with a seriously clogged toilet and this article on how to fix it was helpful. I didn’t realize it was about moving the water back and forth, not air. Doh.

– The big whale in the Natural History Museum is my favorite. Here’s how he gets cleaned.

– This jetpack backpack is pretty darn adorable.

– This is one beautiful Glass French Press.

– Honored to be speaking at the AIGA Design Conference 2017 this October in Minnesota.

– Put an Avocado on it.


via Swiss Miss

July 14, 2017 at 07:44AM


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