How Hip-Hop Conquered America-Chapter One

How Hip-Hop Conquered America-Chapter One

Frequency of product, oftentimes FREE!

Whilst the oldsters were bitching about the moving of their cheese, the demise of the old paradigm, hip-hop slid in to fill the void, utilizing the new tools to exploit the new world, while the rockers and country denizens were still worrying about the radio the rappers knew it was all about online, about streaming, they realize it’s not about monetization so much as access, attention, which is why they realize it’s best to have a continuous flow of product, to be making news.

And utilizing multiple writers and a multitude of performers evidences the millennial ethos where the most important thing is belonging, being a member of the group, whereas boomers are all about the singular triumph, hoisting the trophy over your shoulder, in hip-hop it’s about the group, ever see a rap record win an award, a Grammy, there’s a group on stage having a party, enjoying the moment, because music isn’t about achievements, awards, but living, they get it.

I’m not saying it’s not about money, it’s just that they know when and where to charge.

And getting back to inclusiveness, that’s where Drake triumphed in March, with his mixtape, he placed himself in context, it wasn’t about him, but EVERYBODY.

And that includes you at home, the listener, you can follow the scene like sports, only there’s no commissioner getting in the way, there are no rules, everybody can play, and all the exhortations and denigrations are in plain sight.

And in a country that’s completely divided, the only thing the younger generation agrees on is hip-hop, they rap in country records, hip-hop is everything what came before is not. It’s no longer fighting for attention, as it did it in the MTV era, now it owns ears and eyeballs, by superseding the construct and taking advantage of new technology, no other genre comes close.


via Lefsetz Letter

July 13, 2017 at 02:53AM


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