Aaron Keller Explains the Physics of Brand

Aaron Keller Explains the Physics of Brand


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We enjoyed connecting with our many friends at Fuse 2017 last week in Miami Beach, and experiencing the larger-than-life Martha Stewart and the living display of her fearless brand.

One of the many Fuse highlights was experiencing Aaron Keller explain the Physics of Brand, Capsule’s third book — this one Aaron Keller co-authored with Renee Marino and Dan Wallace.

The book has received high praise, from some very notable folks in the world of design, including Mauro Porcini, but don’t listen to me or others, check it out for yourself, here.

Anyone able to fill in the imaginary caption bubbles for the various visual freeze frames of the animated brand physicist Aaron in Action?

Knowing Aaron as I do, I’m 99% certain, he’s repeating the top image to the right as he reads this post, one response I’ve seen before, and one which needs no caption bubble to understand.

Aaron, Renee, and Dan, congrats on the success of The Physics of Brand!

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April 11, 2017 at 05:53AM


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